Amazon UK Shopping and Delivery in Spain

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Amazon UK Shopping and Delivery in Spain

Welcome to our Amazon  UK shopping  in Spain information page

To buy products from all your favourite UK shops, or for more information, go to UK Shopping in Spain.

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Business at Amazon UK is run under the belief that innovation has the power to change the world. The company therefore constantly strives to become the most customer focused company on the planet. It is for this reason that Amazon is always on the lookout for newer ways to innovate on behalf of consumers who shop its global websites, merchants that sell on the Amazon UK platform, developers using the platform to create their businesses, as well as those who create the music, books and films sold on Amazon. In addition, Amazon Europe consistently seeks new ways to further reducing the impact it has on the environment. The company does this by offering a much greener shopping experience than you would find in traditional brick and mortar stores, as well as on most other sites.

One of the major online retailers today, is a great website that offers great products to their loyal customers. Today, Amazon UK boasts millions of customers located the world over including British expats who live and work away from home in countries such as Spain. These expatriates would love to be able to purchase and continue enjoying the great products sold on the site, but are prevented from doing so by the fact that Amazon can only deliver certain items outside the UK – and not others. The Amazon UK website can and will deliver certain items to Spain such as Baby, Beauty, Clothing, DIY & Tools, Electronics, Musical Instruments, Health (excluding medicine), Home & Garden, Pets, Jewelry, Kitchen, Office Products, Shoes, Sports and Watches items; PC & Video Games, Toys & Games and Software items and accessories.

It is important to note that if the item is being sold by an Amazon UK marketplace seller then most of the time they do not deliver to Spain. This is due to the fact that when it comes to international delivery on marketplace orders, whenever a seller lists an item for sale on the Amazon website, they get to choose where they are willing to deliver to, with most only delivering to the UK. Amazon UK will not deliver the following items to Amazon Spain customers: children’s clothing and nappies, children’s shoes, children’s car seats; Blank media items, such as CDs, DVDs and MP3/4 players; Safety equipment and medicines; light bulbs and TV equipment, beds, furniture and large TVs.

Amazon  Spain now have a online store called which does have lots of products which you can buy online and get delivery in Spain.

The Amazon Spain online store doesnt stock the same amount of products as the Amazon UK store does.

If you are in need of having the items listed above delivered to you in Spain – but Amazon  Spain cannot get this done, then you are better off opting for a different website such as site which is designed to sell the goods that Amazon Spain and other UK shops don’t deliver to Spain, such as the large, bulky, heavy and expensive items. Expats are invited to visit this site and purchase what they require directly from,

This way, British expats living in Spain get to enjoy a wider range of options for having the items they need delivered right to their doorstep. First of all, expats may still source their items from, only that if you don’t particularly enjoy shopping online, UKShoppingInSpain will do it all for you. And all you will need to do is simply pay for your items on this site and relax as you wait to have them delivered to you in Spain. Secondly, you could still source your items from Amazon but receive help from UKShoppingInSpain for items that Amazon does not deliver to Spain. Finally, you may simply purchase the items that Amazon and other UK shops do not deliver to Spain directly from TheExpatMarketplace.

UK Shopping in Spain offer you more expat shopping choice!

Whatever you are looking for we can help.

Why not check out our sister website, which is the largest expat shopping website in Europe.

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