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Are video games good news or bad news? And is it really as simple as all that?

Over the years there has been a tremendous amount of discussion, or perhaps argument, between those who feel that computer games and video games are harming children’s health, their imagination and potential,

and those who feel that they have no more effect than the many other calls on children’s time, and may even in some cases have some positive impact.

Certainly today there is a growing range of computer games and video games, and whilst many are still firmly rooted in the classic shoot ’em up model, there are many new games which are challenging some of the stereotypes to which people have become accustomed to seeing on the shelves.We aim to review a few here later.

Games that include ways to challenge your intelligence, video games designed to exercise your mind and increase your IQ, games that focus on problem solving and linguistic skills are all there, and proving to be every bit as popular as games designed purely to entertain, without any attempt to pretend to be educational.

There are even games today promoting physical fitness, diet and nutrition, and with the Wii in particular, children and young people can be seen playing video games and computer games at the same time as running, jumping, dancing and gyrating in ways which can only have a positive impact on their health.

Another criticism launched at the publishers and retailers of video games and computer games is that they encourage children to seek their own company, spending more and more hours cooped up on their own, to the ultimate detriment of their communication skills and social skills.

However, with the development of internet communications and broadband in particular, many games have now become multiplayer, providing ways to chat and communicate with friends and other players from all around the world.

But let’s not become too sentimental about video games and computer games adding to our children’s education and life skills experience. Many computer games and video games are exactly that – games.

We all need to unwind at the end of the day, and there is nothing wrong with spending a little time playing games. Some people choose to read a book, others to watch television or hang out with friends at the local park.

With all the hype in advertising for video games today, it is hard to know how the games features really hold up to the fancy phrases and images in the ads. That’s why you need the experience of an unbiased, expert who is a fellow consumer like you! I’ll give you the best reviews of the Xbox 360

Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 Review: The latest installment of the WWE series, it is actually a pretty solid game even if your not a wrestling fan. The controls are easy to learn and game play is fluid.

If you are a Create-A-holic like me, there are tons of things to do in this game. Create wrestlers looks, moves, taunts, gear and then create your own grapple finishing move or the new top rope finishing move creator.

Then, create your own entrance for them. Then, create your own storyline! Yes, new also is the Story Creation mode. If your a WWE fan, and love to be creative, you will want to pick this one up to carry home. If not, the game play will probably grow stale after a while. It’s worth at least a rental.

Left 4 Dead 2 Review: It’s Post-Apocalypse. Zombies and mutant creatures run rampant through the streets of Louisiana. What do you do? Grab three of your buddies and shoot/hack your way to freedom through five good length campaigns, four different game modes, and an A.I. “Director” that changes the pace(monster spawns, weapons and items, etc..), you will be playing Left 4 Dead 2 long after the evacuation choppers have left.

My favorite game mode is Versus where you can also played as specialized Infected characters and try to off the survivors before they make it to the safe house. A Definite BUY for FPS and zombie fans.

Dragon Age: Origins Review Bioware has been perfecting the art of the RPG for years and this is the crowning jewel so far. With combat you can choose to go on the fly and program your other members with in depth controls over their actions, or pause and give each member a specific action to perform on a specific target.

Also, a lot of moral decisions are placed in front of the player, where a lot of grey area is involved, making have to look within yourself to decide what you would actually do.

A lot of these choices do impact the story as well. This allows for a lot of replay ability as well as all of the specialist classes(each character can have 2). Since you only have to earn them once, starting a new game leaves them open from the beginning.

You will want to buy this one, as Dragon Age has a lot of content, as well as added new down loadable content from the Developer.

Overlord II Review: Let’s face it. Sometimes being the bad guy can be fun. Add an army of hilarious gremlin-like minions at your beck and call, and you would have never thought pillaging the countryside could be so fun.

The controls take a little getting used to, but they are designed well and make controlling the different types of minions and your overlord not as such a daunting task as it may seem. You can also craft weapons and armor for your overlord using the souls of your creepy little friends.

The minions are the key to all the puzzles in the game as well as unlocking items and areas. You can resurrect your favorite minions, who will equip weapons and armor(sometimes unique) from fallen enemies. One annoying factor I found is the map on the game screen has no compass and turns with your overlord.

This can make finding your way difficult, especially with the lack of landmarks in the game environment. The game play also can get repetitive after you have conquered your first couple of towns.

Dragon Age Awakening: The expansion of the smash hit Dragon Age: Origins, Awakening picks up where the original left off. The Arch demon is vanquished but Dark spawn still roam the land.

You can import your Warden from the Origins(highly recommended) or start as a foreign Commander. Gameplay is great and solid, just like in Origins, but herein is a slight problem, with the addition of new abilities and specialization, you still won’t see much need to deviate from your builds in Origins. In essence, Awakening really only expands on the story and not in game play.

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